Vicente Medina Albors

Since I was a child I have admired horses and have been fascinated by these astonishing and beautiful animals. This is why I chose to dedicate my life to the breeding of Spanish horses, the Pura Raza Española breed.

I have done a long journey, I visited countless studs and Morphological Competitions of P.R.E. horses all over Spain and I have done extensive studies of all the different genetics that exist. I finally decided to form the stud Caballos Medina Albors and I started breeding with a few mares that I bought from the breeder Ramón Folgarolas Género. To me, the most important ones are BATUTA III, dam of ÍNTIMA F, national winner of the Morphological Competition in Spain (section movements) in 2005, as well as some sisters of ÍNTIMA. I chose this type of breedline because of its elegance, flexibility, cadence and strength in their hind legs that allows them to activate their full carrying power and realize spacious movements.

In our stud we conserve the heritage that Ramón Folgarolas passsed on to the Spanish horse breed and we continue in his line of work, but with more ambitious goals: we want to recover the ancient bloodlines that Ramón tried to strengthen and that transmit these spacious movements to our horses. That is why we bought new mares and stallions from the Spanish stud Algaida, apart from using some of their stallions to breed our mares, all of them have the same origins.

At present we are breeding with a descendent of the first P.R.E. horse that competed at Dressage competitions at international level in Europe, AUDAZ; an important step towards our primary goal: recover these ancient bloodlines that are caracterized by having a single common feature, the quality of movement. Our aim is to breed horses with this spirit that has outlasted the test of time, horses that are able to compete in Dressage at national and international level.

Thanks to the breeder Ramón Folgarolas Género I could expand my knowledge about horse breeding. He completely changed my way of thinking about the genetics of the Pura Raza Española.

Antonia Vázquez

I was born in 1971 in Switzerland, I studied there and at the end of the career of business, I worked for the State and then 10 years to Cartier SA until 2005, the year in which I came to Spain. Here I spent mainly for exports in the industrial sector until I met Vincent. I was fascinated by the passion devoted to their horses. Its thorough work convinced me from the first time and when he proposed to work at his side, I accepted. This allowed me to know a world until now unknown to me. Be surrounded by these animals so noble and elegant is the most rewarding.

Our common objective is to preserve the original quality of the Pure Spanish Race, search for horses that are characterized by its nature, resistance, their movements and guaranteeing their importance in the international market that applies to them. We hope to be able to see compete these horses as expressive and endowed by their character in the major international contests of the Classical Dressage.